Thursday, August 25, 2011

May Day!: Photos Redux

Let me tell you, getting ready to look like a bride for the second day in a row wasn't as long of a process, but it sure was exhausting (maybe because I was so tired?).  I did my very best to apply my own makeup, amateur that I am, and still make it look good for pictures.  My hair, which was the day before an abundance of curls, had relaxed, and I decided to go with a half-up, messy, tousled curls look.  I carefully instructed Mr. Goodlaff on how to lace up my corset dress (that was fun), and after much ado, we both climbed into his car (me with some difficulty giving the poofiness of my dress), and drove to meet our photographer.

We chose the Empire Mine in Grass Valley as the location of our day-after photo session.  Early on in our engagement.  Mr. Goodlaff and I considered getting married at the mine, but given the uncertainty of the weather at the beginning of May and the cost, we ultimately decided against that location.  The grounds are fantastic: there's a beautiful stone cottage, plenty of greenery and foliage, a gorgeous garden, and many opportunities for posing with industrial structures.  We paid the fee for entrance, and basically ran amok for several hours on the grounds, taking photo opportunities anywhere that looked inspiring.

But enough talking.  Let's get to the pictures.

We're lucky this one is in black and white--the pool was completely black...

The fountain was one of my favorite spots in the whole park!

One of my favorites from the day...We look so classic!

Another favorite.  I love how relaxed we look...

After we were finished at Empire mine, we headed over to the Northern Queen Inn, which is where many of our friends and family stayed for the wedding. We were only there for a few minutes, but we also were able to get some great pictures there as well.

Another favorite!

Our day after photos were much more relaxed, and I think it shows in our faces.  We were back to just us and Niki--just like our engagement pictures.  All the pressure was off, and we were really basking in the newlywed glow.

I am so glad that we decided to do a day-after session, and I'm really glad it just so happened to be on a Monday.  The park was pretty empty, so we didn't have a bunch of people gawking at us while we took all our photos.  The pictures we were able to get the next day are much more casual, more relaxed, and had a real sweetness to them. These extra photos really rounded out our wedding pictures and helped make the experience that much better.

Are you considering a day-after session?

Miss something? Catch up here:
All photos by Niki Ross Photography

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  1. You had such a wonderful photographer..those photos are amazing. I also love that you switched to those adorable blue flats for the day after photos!