Monday, August 8, 2011

May Day!: A Recipe for Photos

Immediately following the ceremony, while our guests were enjoying the cocktail hour, our family and our bridal party had some modeling work to do. 

Niki's recipe for bridal party photos, started with just Mr. Goodlaff and I in the middle:

First up, add Bridesmaids.

Then add the Groomsmen:

Let sit until goofiness ensues:

Mix Well.

Add Flower Girl and Ring Bearer to up the cuteness factor:

Bridal Party portraits complete!

I have to say, taking pictures with our attendants went so smoothly because our photographer, Niki, moved us through the process so quickly and efficiently.  It took maybe 15 to 20 minutes total for us to get the shots, after which, our bridal party was able to go in and enjoy part of the cocktail hour. 

I loved that we were all able to have some fun with the pictures; in fact, my favorite pictures are the ones where everyone is laughing or making funny faces.  Looking back at those photos makes me smile, because it reminds me how much fun we all were having.

I just have one regret with our bridal party portraits, which is that we never got any pictures of Mr. Goodlaff and I with only the groomsmen.  It's not the most crucial picture ever, and in the heat of the moment, I didn't even notice that we hadn't done one, but now, I really wish that I'd been paying attention, because it would have been nice to have that balance. 

After our bridal party was photographed, our families were ready for their closeups....

Miss something? Catch up here:

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