Monday, August 15, 2011

May Day!: Getting Toast-y

While our guests settled in for dinner, Mr. Goodlaff and I sat perched at our sweetheart table, observing the room.  I'm not gonna lie: the sweetheart table was the best way to go.  We still had guests coming up to chat with us, but for the most part, dinner allowed us a little bit of alone time before the party got into full swing. 

Our food was fantastic, and even though we did a buffet, the caterers delivered plates of food to Mr. Goodlaff and I, which was fortunate.  The last thing I wanted to do was try to navigate a buffet line with a very poofy, very white dress.

About halfway through dinner, Mr. Goodlaff up and left me:

Never fear, it was for a good cause!  He went to get me some champagne, because the toasts were about to begin!

BIL Goodlaff led off, toasting to how perfect Mr. Goodlaff and I were together, and how happy his brother was...

Sister Goodlaff went next.  At first she couldn't figure out how to work the microphone, and Niki got a classic "is this thing on" shot:

Sister Goodlaff took the opportunity to turn one of my own jokes back on me.  If you've seen "The Princess Bride", you probably remember the wedding scene at the end where the preacher has a bit of a speech impediment and says "Mawwiage" instead of "Marriage." I've taken great pleasure in re-enacting that scene for my family over the years, and that (along with Monty Python's Parrot Sketch) has always made Mama, Daddy, and Sister Goodlaff laugh.  I love that she included it in her toast!

Daddy Goodlaff went next, and his toast was short and sweet.  He's not much for public speaking, so he really just thanked everyone, welcomed Mr. Goodlaff to the family,  and wished us well.  

Because we didn't want the toasts to turn into a free-for-all with everybody and their mother taking the microphone, we told our DJ to let only those three people and Mr. Goodlaff speak, and cut it off after that.  But FIL Goodlaff snagged the microphone from Daddy Goodlaff and got ready to give a toast too.  The DJ looked to Mr. Goodlaff and I to make sure this was okay (which it was), and after a thumbs-up, let FIL Goodlaff have the floor.  To this day Mr. Goodlaff likes to remind his dad that he could have easily cut him off from the microphone if he so desired.

FIL Goodlaff welcomed me to the family, and hassled Mr. Goodlaff a little bit, saying that it took a while for him to take me to meet his family. Whether it was because Mr. Goodlaff thought they'd scare me off or we'd get along too well, he didn't know.  Mr. Goodlaff's answer?


Mr. Goodlaff got up there and thanked everyone for coming, bragged about all the work I put in to the wedding, and called it a day.

The toasts were over, and everyone continued with dinner and got ready to party!

Are you limiting your toasts, or are you letting all your guests have at it?

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