Monday, August 22, 2011

May Day!: Alcohol Plus Costumes, Equals...

Photobooth Fun!

Dancing wasn't our guests' only option for reception entertainment.  We had a Photobooth, and boy, was it entertaining....

Niki Ross Photography

Our Photobooth, provided by Jensen Photobooth of Sacramento, was fantastic.  The booth was huge, and sometimes more than six people were in there at once.  Our guests could choose to have their pictures taken in black and white or color, and we had a huge bucket of props for people to choose from. 
But the best part was that the booth printed two sets of pictures--one for our guests, and one for the Goodlaffs.  We also got a DVD of all the images taken that night, both of the strips, and of the individual pictures themselves.

Jensen Photobooth

All of our guests were encouraged to hop in the booth, take pictures, and then leave us a note in our guestbook.  They certainly lived up to the task!

Our guestbook was a Kolo Album, and it was worth every damn penny we paid for it.  You pay a price to have things match your vision, and this was mine.  With a linen album cover, and heavy-weight black pages, this album was exactly what we were looking for:

Personal Photo

Mr. Goodlaff and I popped in one of our favorite pictures from our engagement session, and the book was ready for action.  Before the wedding, I made a sign telling our guests what to do, and I also made a few extra moustache props just for photobooth fun! here's what our guests saw:

Niki Ross Photography

And here's what our guests did:

Personal Photo

A little bit of double-stick tape and a silver Sharpie let our guests get creative with their notes and layout.  Mr. Goodlaff and I still love looking through the book, because it makes us laugh every single time.

Here's a little photographic evidence of our Photobooth success:

Jensen Photobooth

Jensen Photobooth

I could show you so, so many more.  Just suffice to say, we all had a fantastic time.  I mean, who doesn't love a Photobooth?

Miss something? Catch up here:

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  1. ahh i love it! it looks like so much fun!

  2. Beth,

    I had a GREAT time with your guests. Thanks for renting our booth and for the wonderful review!

    Mike Jensen
    Jensen Photo Booth